Story, the customer, and digital marketing.

At Shumate Consulting we are focused on telling your unique story to the right customers at the right time. Your customers are already looking for you, let's go find them.

Marketing has experienced a seismic shift in the last several years. The days of simply blasting a message over the radio or buying  billboard space and generating great results are over. People receive thousands of messages a day. The human race adapts and the average person has adapted to the overflow of information by learning how to tune most of it out. The marketing guru Seth Godin has rightly noted that traditional marketing interrupts the experience of the user rather than serving the user. Commercials interrupt the show, they do not improve it or best serve the needs of all of the individuals forced to view it. The new era of marketing focuses on targeting the customers who actually need your product or service, and thus find your respectful marketing appealing, not as an interruption. 

This is where digital marketing excels. Digital marketing is able to identify audiences and individuals that are looking for your product or service, and provide them with an easy way to access it. The two most important elements of a successful digital marketing strategy are story and customer.

You must be able to tell the story of your business, product, or service. Another way stating this is a in terms of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes you better or different than your competitors? Why should the customer buy from you instead of others? Perhaps it is a unique guarantee you provide, you provide better quality or results, or maybe you have a cost or time saving advantage. Whatever it is, your story will distinguish you from the other people doing what you do. 

Once we have a USP, we need to go find the people who care about you and the unique things you can offer them. If this sounds a little like dating or finding friends, good---that is exactly what digital marketing is like. People want to connect with businesses and brands that they can relate to. The business needs to tell their story, and then find the customer that is interested in hearing it. 

We can help you shape your story, and we can definitely find the customer that wants to hear it.